Power outages

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Power outages


Since March 2019 the greater area of Bahia de Casares is suffering from many power outages. These have been occurring during several times of the day and week.

Apart from very inconvenient this can be a risk for all your electronic equipment and smart domestic devices. Especially as some of the outages are followed by very short power-up situation, which can damage power supplies of computers, airco’s etc.

Only back for 1/2 a second: risk of damaging equipment

An overview of known power-cuts

16-03-2019 05:30-07:00 (varias interrupciones)
19-03-2019 06:00-08:00 (varias interrupciones)
13-04-2019 18:42-19:15 (dos interrupciones)
16-04-2019 08:00-08:15 (cinco interrupciones)
19-04-2019 13:55-14:00 (una interrupción de aprox. 5 minutos)
20-04-2019 20:04-20:14 (varios interrupciones)
23-04-2019 04:27-04:38 (varios interrupciones)

Power back